Welcome to the Future.

ETH merge is one of the most important crypto events ever.

To celebrate this monumental step we have asked AI to create a series of special NFTs which show the ethereum merge across all the art history as well as various artists. Each piece is unique. Each piece has been generated purely by the power of AI.

Welcome to the future. It is already here.

Mint it.

We are minting on Oct 13, 3pm PST


How many items will there be?
We are planning on releasing 1500 items in the ERC721A standard (lower gas prices).

What will be the pricing?
The first 150 mints will be totally free . The price for the next ones will be 0.075 ETH.

What will be future projects?
We are here for the art and the celebration of the power of AI. We will be planning next projects soon.

Who are we?

Sunny AI enthusiast/expert/researcher/artist. Has been researching image and text generative models for large institutes since 2018.

Santos Solidity/Web3 developer. In previous life - hardcore backend engineer.